Posted: September 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

When you know you love someone so much, you became a fool for her.

When you knew that no matter how much you do, you still lose to someone else, than you should know that walking away is the only solution for both party.

I knew that i receive my karma already, in a bad bad way to hit me back on my face. Didn’t know that revenge and karma can be such a scary thing to me. I’m sorry for doing so much things to cause her unhappy before, i received back all the punishment already .

I know its time to move on and never look back at all the memories and pain anymore..

“You’ll still the one” will always be the music i love the most but it will also be the most painful song that i hear.

I really hope you will know what you want for your life and the guy you truly loves,

I knew i am never that lucky guy.