Posted: August 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

Gonna be a super budget tight tight 3 months for me, i guess i have to focus more on how to earn money rather then save up the money because one can never get rich by saving.

Tonight run was super awesome, i like tonight, i hope for more of this pervert exercise. Sometimes simple is bliss, just how the company can make it a good date or a bad want.

To my darling Joyful Tan Kah Ying, if u are reading this, this is for u, i know u feel tired, feel emo over work, feel stress, but this is life we cant rant too much, if u are really tired just take a short break because u cant stop working if not u will have not enough money to spend! Take care my darling, u know i am always there for u if u need to kpkb just call me ok~ or whatsapp me ok? Dont feel shy!

Ok tml another day to exercise, friday mc and next tuesday mc again so i got 5 days of rest! Its like FINALLY damm it!

I just love this orleng juice, makes me lao sai after drinking it! si beh songs~

I just simple love you to the max girl!


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