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Protected: Happiness?

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Busy / Delighted

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School term week pass like so fast.. like first week just ended only and now everything is like so jam..
– Marketing Management Mid Term Test this Sunday 9am
– Consumer Behavior Mid Term Test 160711 Saturday 11am
– Marketing Management final project due on 130711
– Consumer Behavior 2 case studies due next week and 3 weeks later
– Consumer Behavior Final Exam @ 060811 1400hrs~
– Marketing Management Final Exam @ 080811 1900hrs~

Study is stress but study is good for future, that’s what i kept telling myself so i won’t give up easily.

On the side note, my baby is coming back from zurich soon! I think no one can feel how much i miss that girl until i whatsapp and text 小头菱 say i love her darling very much in the middle of the night 3 plus am hehe!
Hopefully our plan can go as we planned and of cause i can passed my 2 module well 🙂

My angel 🙂

And i so hope she can bring me to this place !!!!

So damm nice and awesome rite? And its not in Singapore!

Ok enough of day dream already, shall go to sleep and start a long day tomorrow and night class

And today is my father 60th birthday, but I’m too poor to bring him for a good meal. Haiz feel so sad because as the only son i cant even give him a good 60th birthday dinner treat… 😦
Just hope he will stay well healthy and happy.

Happy 60th birthday to my father 🙂

90 Days to 1 Year

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Yes this is the place i wanna bring my 老婆大人 go on that day. Sneak Preview first!

Oh Friday morning she finally will be back.. but she sure will sleep until dont know until what time.
Dinner at my house, movie and some chill-out on a short friday night.

Saturday sleep until noon then lunch at usual korean food at food court, shopping for picnic foodies and kite flying + picnic at same old place but will be during late afternoon timing. then kite flying and foodies until evening then soccer at night at usual place. After soccer go home bath then go usual place to have late night dinner and maybe movie again. It seems that in singapore everywhere we go will be the same usual place because there’s really not much places to go in singapore.

So i guess weekend will end with sunday at home sleeping for her and working for me. Then she will be departing me for another 4 days again, that’s her job and that’s our lifestyle now. Hope for a good weekend with her since she seldom will have 2 clear days on a weekend.

And tomorrow will be thursday already! Cant wait!


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很忙 也会记得抽空练完



每滴泪都被你的魔法 变阳光

因为很爱 所以会想通
当感情很稳定 很浓厚
退让 也会有种甜蜜感受


Yet another very nice song i heard.. Such a love song.. listen to this type of emo love song only makes me miss my wife to be,
But too bad i cant give her what she wants, she can only see and drools at people buying and ownself couldnt buy anything.
Maybe im just such an useless boyfriend, just a nice song to accompany through the night…
Who knows someone good might just buy for her and bring her for fun tomorrow.

Happy Nine!

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It’s the 9 already!

I know that my small little sunflower can never be compare for the things that u have done for me for the past few months, and not hoping for anything else then a sunflower. You knew that this was the furthest i could go because of my budget constraint but u didnt had any complains at all. You bought me the new man united champion jersey, a new perfume, pay for the car repair expenses so much and always helping me to solve my financial difficulties. I know that there is not a single responsibility that you had to bear with me but you don’t grumble it out although you hope for a better life.

I can see from you, a whole dedicated heart, a passion towards the love between us and the hard work of you and the contribution from you to make it last long with me, I’m sorry that for now i couldn’t give you the best, never give you what i had given you last time but I’m sure all these low ends won’t last long and good will between us will surface soon. Just endure me and hold me by your side for the next 3 months. I’m sure not to disappoint you in anyways.

And before i end here, i know that i can say out nothing but only these 3 special words from the deepest bottom of my heart to you, my one and only you.

‘I Love You’

You will always be my love, my valentine.


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Forget the bad past, look forward to the beautiful future.

Hello BabyJ

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Thank you for being there to support me whatever and whenever you can for me. You know you are just the most important girl in my life because i think there will be no another person in the world will treat me so nice like how the way you treat me, and most important that you don’t give up on me during a such down period on me. 9 months with you is approaching soon already and like what i always says, i still don’t believe you are mine 😦

Seriously i also don’t know what’s is with her that attracts me so much.. so much until i can just do everything for her sake, just plan everything just for her although sometimes i do get very tired physically and emotionally but end of the day when she is in singapore i’m sure knew that she could be the pillar for me to lie on. Thank you my girlfriend.

Sleep until so sweet with my 2 cutie babies ! So baby!!! When is our next date??? >:O
See your memory card don’t have our pictures wan leh u kkj >:O

Ok its time to go and fetch her from airport already 🙂
Feel so happy that i am still able to send and fetch her to and fro for her flight for 4 months without fail already 🙂